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The right real estate agent won’t let your home sit on the market and lose value. Use average days on market data to compare real estate agents on how fast they’ve sold homes like yours and find a top real estate agent near you who can save you time and money.
Nicole W.

Nicole W.

Castle Real Estate Group


Average days on market

Ashley P.

Ashley P.

West USA Realty

Average over asking price

Get more money for your home

The wrong pricing or marketing strategy from an unqualified real estate agent can put thousands of dollars on the line. Our data shows that the top 5% of real estate agents across the U.S. sell homes for as much as 10% more than the average real estate agent. HomeLight Set’s matching algorithm makes it easy to find top dollar real estate agents. We account for factors like the real estate agent’s sale to list price ratio and how that maps to local price trends so that you can find top real estate agents who will put more cash in your wallet when you close.
Keep tabs on your local market

Top real estate agents know every square inch of the zip codes they cover. They know when and for how much each home on your street sold for, and whether the seller got the best deal.

You need a real estate agent who has years of experience working in your area, has the best local services on speed dial, and knows what new buyers want in your neighborhood.

Arnold B.

Arnold B.

RE/MAX Excalibur Realty

San Francisco listings sold
Meet agents that go above
and beyond
The best real estate agents triple-check every nook and cranny of your home before listing, answer every call after the first ring, and enlist their battle-tested network of professional photographers, interior decorators, contractors, and whatever else you may need.
Find a top real estate agent near you
Expect more from your real estate
The top listing agents don’t just post your home for sale online and hope for the best. They prepare your home for sale with dozens of activities to maximize your chances of getting the highest bid. Use this checklist to make sure your real estate agent provides a complete service with:

What our clients say they like about their agents

Integrity. Being trustworthy enough to entrust them with the sale of a family heirloom. Responsiveness. Knowing I could count on them in the middle of the process, and bounce ideas off of them.

Terry L.

Lisa Mcgregor Peters
Sold with a HomeLight set agent

a month ago

I live in Florida so selling a home in Valley Village, CA needed to be handled by a reliable, trustworthy, competent team with excellent communication and coordination skills and experience working with a 1031 exchange facilitator. HomeLight Set met those requirements and worked well with the realtor’s team and the sale was handled quickly, drama-free and flawlessly. I would recommend the HomeLight Set team for anyone who desires a stress free transaction
William Smith
Sold with a HomeLight set agent

a month ago

I highly recommend HomeLight Set when looking for a realtor. After living in our home for 38 years, I had no idea which realtor to choose to help us with selling our home. HomeLight Set offered me the names of 3 top realtors in my area. My wife and I decided to go with one of these individuals. It was a smart decision. Our HomeLight Set realtor was extremely knowledgeable and gave us some good tips as to the things we needed to do before putting our house on the market. Once we completed the improvements to our house as suggested, our realtor was able to get the house on the market right away. Within 2 days, we received a full price offer on our home. And, I just received my commission rebate from HomeLight Set in the mail yesterday. Thanks HomeLight Set for making the process of selling our home so much easier!
Buddy Villatoro
Sold with a HomeLight set agent

a month ago

As first-time home sellers, we were overwhelmed with advice and recommendations from friends, ads in the mail, unreliable, confusing, contradictory results from online search engines. The well-known real estate sites seemed to complicate the process even more. Turning to HomeLight Set was just what we needed. Our HomeLight Set representative was a great help at the start our process. No other site or resource offered that type of attention and service. The search for agents provided two names who knew our neighborhood and our town, and the top choice had just sold a home on our street a few days before. The reviews were clear and objective; the information, reliable; and the results, well presented. We contacted the two agents. Both responded quickly, and both scheduled meetings in two days. We ultimately hired the top choice. And we had a bid on our house in twenty-one days, and the buyers’ appraiser settled on the exact agreed selling price—just as our agent predicted. I highly recommend HomeLight Set. In just minutes, it helped us find the type of agent we wanted and needed.
MK Siemionko
Sold with a HomeLight set agent

a month ago

HomeLight Set made finding the perfect real estate agent a breeze. By providing me with a listing of proven professionals, I was able to “shop around” to find not only a good real estate agent, but the best realtor for my area and for the sale of my house. Through that realtor I was also able to secure a team of additional professionals to assist me with the sale of my home in New York. By essentially prescreening real estate professionals for me, HomeLight Set took away any issues that may have arisen via “guesswork” in trying to find the perfect real estate agent, which was incredibly important as I was out of state after listing and required a tried and true expert to help me with the process remotely. If I do end up moving again, I will 100% use HomeLight Set.
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Whenever you’re ready, our team of Home Consultants are on the line to answer your questions, walk you through your options, and help you make more informed decisions about your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Finding an agent through HomeLight Set is 100% free for buyers and sellers, and there’s no commitment required. Pretty cool, huh?

No. There’s no way for an agent to purchase advertising on HomeLight Set or pay for preferential positioning on our site. The only way agents can influence HomeLight Set’s rankings is to do better work for clients, handle more transactions, and improve their stats. Our recommendations are transparent, performance based, and data driven – that’s how we keep them objective. 

When you complete your transaction with the agent recommended by HomeLight Set, the agent pays us a customary broker-to-broker referral fee. It’s a standard industry practice for agents to pay these types of fees to other parties like relocation companies or brokerages. Virtually every agent is happy to do so because otherwise they’d have to spend lots of time and money finding clients themselves or advertising on sites like Zillow. This all means we can achieve a win-win: HomeLight Set is free for you but is still able to provide objective information. And best of all, we only make money if we help you achieve your goals, so our interests are aligned with yours. We’re incentivized to help you find the perfect agent for your needs who will help you achieve the best outcome.
HomeLight Set uses actual sales data, client reviews, and machine learning technology to find the best real estate agent for you. The only way an agent can influence our recommendation is by doing consistently great work for their clients. With over 2 million agents and 29 million transactions in our database, we can help connect you with a top agent based on their actual skills and experience. We’ve built our matching algorithm to compare and contrast real estate agents on their historical performance with clients who have needs similar to yours. We factor in dozens of variables into our analysis, including but not limited to the agent’s:
  • Transaction Volume
  • Property Type Specialization
  • Days on Market Average
  • Sale to List Ratios
  • And more

Absolutely. If you’re unhappy with your current real estate agent, or even if you’re just curious to see how they compare to the top agents in your area, we encourage you to explore your options

Real estate is a highly personal business and there’s only so much we can get to know about your needs from an online form. The better we understand the situation you’re in, what you’re looking to do, and what your motivations and personality are like, the more we can refine your search.

At the end of the day, we want you to have the best possible experience working with the agent we recommend and talking to you about your needs is the best way to ensure you find a perfect fit.

You’re under no obligation to work with any of the real estate agents we recommend. Our goal is to bring more transparency to a process that traditionally lacks it and present you with these performance-based recommendations so that you can make an informed decision.

Our data shows that the top 5% of listing agents sell homes faster and for more money than the average real estate agent and the top 5% of buyer’s agents typically save clients thousands of dollars on the purchase.

Unlike many of the other real estate websites out there, HomeLight Set does not allow real estate agents to advertise anywhere on our platform. We strive for objectivity and transparency in our agent recommendations and so we keep all of our recommendations 100% data-driven and based exclusively on historical performance.

HomeLight Set is a great new way for real estate agents to showcase their skills online and generate additional referral business. The world has changed. Consumers now demand more information about the products they buy and the service providers they hire — and this includes agents.

HomeLight Set helps people find the right real estate agent for their needs and it’s a way for agents to demonstrate their value.

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