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Exit Strategies: How to Buy or Sell a Retiring Agent’s Business (Part 2)

Taking over a retiring agent’s business can be an instant jolt to your business…if you do it right. In his book, The Golden Handoff, Nick Krautter shares a step-by-step process for buying another agent’s business without losing their clients. This week on The Walkthrough™, Nick returns to explain what should go into the contract between the two agents, and how the financial agreement works. This is part two of a two-part series. Get the audio and transcript

I can’t wait for the next episode! Love the timely information, great tips, and the focus on Realtors helping Realtors become better at our profession.
Jennie Hendricks , The Walkthrough podcast listener
There’s a lot of podcasts out there with a lot of fluff and useless stuff. And yours is not that way. I appreciate how you compose things, how you put everything together, and how you summarize is really helpful. I get tremendous value out of the content that you put out, and I look forward to listening to it very much.
The Walkthrough podcast listener
Listened and found new action ideas. Converting old leads into fresh ones. Set goals to more closings. Thanks Matt McGee
Amy Zeitz Bailey , The Walkthrough podcast listener
I've been binging on your show for the last few days. You're doing a great job and I'm loving your guests. I just wanted to let you know that.
Tom Tezak, The Walkthrough podcast listener
I have been loving these podcasts! They have been incredibly helpful, especially right now! I just listened to the podcast with Barb Betts and have a ton of great takeaways. Thanks so much! Excited to continue to tune in!
Lori Kurvink, The Walkthrough podcast listener
I love these podcasts and I always take something away from each one! Thanks for putting out some great episodes!
Amanda Krall, The Walkthrough podcast listener

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Meet your host Matt McGee

Matt McGee is the Managing Editor of HomeLight’s Agent Resource Center and host of our weekly podcast, The Walkthrough. Matt has been surrounded by agents his entire life and brings a rich real estate background to the show. His father owned an independent brokerage for almost 50 years, his sister is an agent, and his wife has been a Realtor® since 2004. From 2017 to 2019, Matt served as Marketing Director for his wife’s real estate team, where he created and installed lead generation and conversion systems that increased her transactions by 31% and grew her GCI by 44%.

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Episode 105 | 31 min | August 1, 2022

Taking over a retiring agent’s business can be an instant jolt to your business…if you do it right. In his book, The Golden Handoff, Nick Krautter shares a step-by-step process for buying another agent’s business without losing their clients. This

Episode 104 | 2 min | July 28, 2022

Did you miss this week’s Walkthrough™? Get a brief overview by listening to Matt McGee’s “Takeaways” segment, and then go back and listen to the full show. “Takeaways” is a regular segment at the end of every Walkthrough™

Episode 103 | 31 min | July 25, 2022

It might be the most unique way to build your real estate business: Partner with an agent who’s retiring and take over their business. Sounds pretty simple…but it’s not. Nick Krautter has been on both sides of this kind of transaction,

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Commented on Jul 1, 2022

“Lots of great information for Realtors to learn best practices and learn from other top producing agents on how to best serve their clients and build their business !”

Commented on Jul 1, 2022
“I look forward each week to a new informative show. Always packed full of great nuggets to keep your Real Estate career hitting on all cylinders. Great job guys.”
Fat little dog
Commented on Apr 19, 2021
“I just finished the two-part interview with Isacc Guzman. Not only do I know Isacc, but I have been fortunate enough to learn many things from him that we have implemented in our daily operations. Pacing of the show is excellent and the host gives you both time for notetaking as well as specific item recap. If you can take even a few of these tips and work them in right away, your business will be better for it. Great job!”

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